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Girls love surprises. No matter how  little or big that surprise it. We just love it. It makes our heart weak  to receive an unexpected gift from the guy we love. We love it when you  show crazy efforts for us. We love it when you do things just to show  you love us. It’s a plus factor when guys do simple things that can make  a girl smile in an instant.

Go to the park and eat ice cream,

Get matching pillow cases, so when we sleep, we can hear the beat of our hearts,

Best friends.
They are there to be obnoxious with you…
And to listen to your stupid stories.
They know how to cheer you up…
And how to bring you down.
They know when you like someone…
Or when you need to rebuild your self esteem.
Sometimes, they can be annoying…
Or just simply embarrassing…
But they will be always there for you, forever.
yup yup thats true ^^ (:

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